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Kiwi Bravo

Kiwi Bravo is a creative duo based in Barcelona. Their original passion for design led them to pay particular attention to what the object communicates. Photography allows them to translate this passion into images. Kiwi Bravo's visuals deal with a variety of subjects: Design, Fashion, Furniture, Tech, Sportswear, but at some point they always challenge our perception of their form and function. Kiwi Bravo, using the codes of major artistic movements such as hyperrealism, surrealism and theatricality, give new life to the objects they photograph. There's also a lot of humour in the way these creative artists look at things. The relevance of their cross-media practice, photography and digital expertise is acclaimed by players in the worlds of design, advertising and fashion.


Reebok, Benetton, Danone, Cupra, Ikea, Estrella Damm, New York Times, Heinz, Microsoft

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